Can Tho is capital of Mekong Delta lied along Mekong River so that the river is inherite tons of silt, that is a reason to explan for why rice and fruits tree so green in Can Tho.

Almost travelers come to Can Tho to see floating market. In can Tho has two floating markets that is Phong Dien and Cai Rang floating market. With Phong Dien floating market that is about 14km distance from Can Tho city follow south direction. Cai Rang floating market is closer distance about 5km from city.

Visitors want to visit Phong Dien floating market so they should be started about 4:30 AM from city centre by car or taxi to Phong Dien Town to get on boat if they don’t want to start earlier than 4:00 AM from city centre. Why do they have to go early to see Phong Dien floating Market , because you have to spend 1h30 from centre to Phong Dien floating market. If you take taxi from centre city to Phong Dien Town just 30 minutes then take boat to Phong Dien floating market about 15 more minutes and Phong floating market finish at 6:00 that the reason why you need to come early in the morning.

Cai Rang floating market is biggest one and open when morning start, and all day long. The best time to see in the morning about 6:00 to 9:00, in the afternoon about 15:00 to 17:00. Local come here by boat to buy and back to retail sell, Cai Rang floating market is a hold sell market, sellers come here by big boat with heavy load, they will stay at floating market for fews day when they sell out they will go back.

All most floating market in Mekong Delta they are natural, and local come to buy and sell.

Beside floating markets above, you can go out centre city about 20 km you will see some rice fields. How do you get there to rice fields?

The best way you take bicycle or motocycle to rice field. With bicycle you can do about 23 km total one way. If you can take longer you can ask for transfer to village and take bicycle about 15km one round. Along the way you will enjoy local life, rice field and farming, and some kinds of tropical fruits. You will feel about real life of farmer in Can Tho. If you come at right time of harvesting season that you can see how they collect rice and how do they use rice straw for. So difference season that difference thing you will see on the way, and you meet most of nice habitats. You will have about 3 hours to explore this village and bicycle is the best choise for this trip.

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