Can Tho is capital in Mekong Delta and biggest city in Mekong. But Can Tho is still large area for farm, fields and fruit gardens.

The best way to explore Can Tho that is by bike if you love bicycle. You cycle to village from city center about 7km you will see village already.

Along village you can see real life and understand deep of any city where you come. And special thing in Can Tho is cultures mixed between Vietnamese, cantonese and Kh’mer.

The road for cycling you will get full memories with local and naturally. Some highlight you can see that is rice field, tropical garden, dragon fruit garden and Cacao Farm. About history, you can visit Gian Gua, and Can Tho museum.

Cycling around Can Tho with route for 21km, 35km, or 40km to see all Can Tho. It is up to you you can chooose the distance you love to explore.

I would like you choose 40km cycling that is the best route to connect with local and countryside.

You can do only 21km cycling also good to seecountryside.
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