National Reserve Nature

National Reserve Nature

Lung Ngoc Hoang is old name by local, it is flooding area and has many fish, vegetables, where local can find foods for dayly life before. After the Vietnam War, goverment use and protection for climate and this place like a big Lung of city. Then they use a part for Tourism where travellers come to enjoy natures. Then it is called Nong Truong mua Xuan nowaday by other investor for tourist also.

Nong Truong Mua Xuan is about 60km distance from Can Tho city to south of Can Tho. Travellers com to this place they can enjoy fresh air, naturally with special mangroves tree, and Duck’s weeds and many more plants. Beside that, you can whatch many bird spieces in this place.

When you come to Nong Truong Mua Xuan by yourself or book a company, after pay a ticket you will take the long tail boat to explore around. The boat will carry you to tower for bird watching, then move along some area to see how interesting. Then you will have time to explore by walking.

So, I love this place because still nature, not many tourist, and outside city that good place to hidding for fresh air.

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